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Desktop Repair

Desktops are primary machines of today's occupation and such are used to store dating a business smoothly. But when a problem occurs, one should always opt for the reputed desktop repair service in Delhi that is well-established and is trusted by hundreds of businesses in the city. At Friday Informatics, we have a great team of computer engineers who quickly examine the desktops and Mac Notebooks giving problems and can resolve the issues on the very same day, while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

Desktops, computer systems or Mac notebooks comprise of a handful of components on broader basis, such as motherboard, hard disks, buses, memory (RAM and ROM), display units, storage devices, keyboards and other peripherals connected to each other.

As such, we are proficient enough to provide desktop repair service in Delhi or when one looks for Mac laptop repair in New Delhi in the most professional way and at the most affordable prices. Whether you have a branded desktop or an assembled one, we can check and repair any such device within hours and can even replace the faulty parts with the best ones from reputed brands, giving full-fledged guarantee on its function.

At our place, we offer the following checks and balance the issues caused thereby
  • When the display goes off on the monitor,
  • When the desktop fails to function as expected and requires desktop formatting service in Delhi,
  • When the crucial software like drivers, memory, VGA cards give troubles,
  • When an efficient software support is needed,
  • When the desktop hangs frequently and calls for managed evaluation,
  • When the hard disks become unresponsive to data or file retrieval requests,
  • Remotely, we can access your system (Mac notebooks) and can administer the premium tech support and troubleshooting in quick time,
  • When the system slows down in function and need for speed is the required criteria,
  • When your monitor or display unit or any of the input devices don't function in synchronization,
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