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Lan Setup

LAN or Local Area Network refers to the scenario where desktops and laptops are connected through a secured medium and in which each of the computer (laptop or desktop) is generally called a node. Clearly, each of the nodes can utilize the resources attached to the network. Besides, when a LAN is formed nodes are also allowed to share messages, files, folders and other peripherals thereby.

But there are many factors which need to be viewed while one lays such a network like the available physical space, number of nodes required, admin set-up, resources available/ required, the type of medium to be used, cost associated and its limit and so forth

Hence, when a professional LAN set-up service in Delhi, is needed please count upon our towering expertise and we shall manage the things in quite a proficient way. Since 1996, we have enabled more than 850 LAN set-ups in Delhi of different types and attributes and we still support many of them in more than one way.



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