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Virus & Spyware Removal

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Virus & Spyware Removal

As is quite common, virus and spyware are the unwanted program files and mini applications which are written with a negative intent to cause severe harm to our laptops and desktops. As such, viruses and spyware showcase the following impacts onto our systems, such as slowed processing, files getting lost, application or software running errors and / or poor system performance overall.

As a great benefit and a cure to such a situation, at Friday Informatics, we are a team of qualified experts and we are proficient enough to provide a collection of services in this regard:

  • Virus and spyware removal,
  • Solutions for quality drivers,
  • Re-installing operating systems,
  • Providing parental control with precise software code that can never be hacked and challenged,
  • Emails back up,
  • Data recovery,


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