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Video Streaming

We have worked with companies especially academic organizations to ensure swift transportation of events and info live through technology. Engage s for a long term video streaming of info, ideas and irrefutable entertainment. Coming to you with over a decade of experience in video playback, payouts and capture, closed captions, chroma keying and streaming at low latency and in broadcasting info-graphics, we have evolved as the leading agency when one looks for live video streaming service in Delhi.
Friday Informatics Service includes:-

  • Digitally enabled video signage
  • Providing video displays and digital scoreboards
  • In healthcare and medicine, include our video streaming skill for live recordings for remote medicine and procedures
  • Data Sharing
  • For Webinars, we administer webinars for a range of purposes such as educational seminars, webcasts of corporate meetings, product launches, global media interactions, info broadcasts about remote destinations etc. In same manner, skilful video analysis from spots to product marketing to research etc
  • Video broadcasts: Prime video assistance for interviews , interrogations and discussions meant for legal proceedings, police or defence investigations etc

As such, we deploy NDI or SDI sources at distinct locations anywhere across India and you can view and enjoy the any event from the comfort of your studio which also saves time, money and energy otherwise would be spent on travel

Further, from one point to another, video streaming is done by utilizing public internet and no need is there to secure costly peripherals for such a purpose. Within minutes, safe and secured links can be set up ensuring live streaming which would need ZERO latency and minimal CPU usage


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